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Newsletter No. 72


March, 2017.

Welcome to the Spring edition of our Newsletter. Below, you can read of the up-and-coming activities which lie in store for us for the year ahead. Before that, however, we can look back to the very entertaining and interesting Mardle Evening, which was the first of this new year’s meetings.

The Society’s Mardle and Annual General Meeting was held at The Wheel of Fortune on Tuesday, 10th January.  It was well attended and the discussion focussed on our school day memories.

Business matters were comfortably resolved. The present committee remains the same with Mary Fewster acting as Chairman and Jennifer Hall continuing as Treasurer. Brian Bugg volunteered to take on the role of secretary as Mary Black is unable to continue for now. Other Committee members are Shirley Wright and Sylvia Ford.

The Chairman is anxious to increase the membership as numbers have dropped slightly of late.

Visitors are always warmly welcomed. Future attendance numbers will determine whether the Society can continue. Subscription charges will remain at £8.50 with visitors paying £3.00 per meeting.

An enjoyable and nostalgic evening was held by all as members brought photographs and memorabilia relating to their days at Alpington School. Some former pupils and teachers attended, including John and Heather Lain, who were at the school in the 1940’s and 50’s. They were able to identify every pupil on their treasured photographs. It was interesting comparing the education offered many years ago with the more structured regime of today.

Refreshments were kindly provided by The Wheel of Fortune.

Discussion then centred on how the group might boost it’s publicity for the forthcoming events and members agreed to move forward with a number of actives to bring this about.

Mary Fewster reported that the talk on 12th September re. the Roman site at Caister St Edmund by Natasha Harlow would be entitled “Belonging and Belongings in the Land of the Iceni”.

It was considered that this meeting could prove to be very popular and that publicity might be widened to cover the Poringland/Stoke areas.

Jenny Hall reported that the talk on 14th November by Jason Raper re. The History of  Norwich’s Theatre Royal will be going ahead.

It was agreed that the Society’s A.G.M. should take place on 14th November, as usual.

Suggestions for the 2018 Annual Programme raised by the Steering Group.

These included:-

–           A Mardle Evening on ’Old Cures’ and related medical folklore possibly to be called ‘Kill or    Cure!’

–           Building Techniques of the Past, employing County Archive films / The Dragon Hall Project.

  • An illustrated talk by Ann Bridge on ‘The Hoard of Cheapside’.
  • The History of the Norwich Assembly Rooms.
  • The History of the Norfolk Railway System / The Transport Museum at Carlton Colville.

PLEASE feel free to bring any ideas that you may have for future meetings to the attention of your Committee members.

The next meeting is taking place next week on Tuesday, 14th March, in the Village Hall starting at 7.30 p.m.

The subject of the meeting is ‘Taking Boats Uphill’ and is an illustrated talk to be given by Ivan Cane.

Everyone will be warmly welcomed and refreshments will be available.

The Society’s Programme of Events for 2017

Tuesday, 14th March, 2017.

As described above, Ivan Cane will be returning to give us his new talk ‘Taking Boats Uphill’.  Previously, Ivan gave us a very interesting talk on the North Walsham and Dilham Canal and his talk will explain and describe how early mechanical aids helped boats both up and down rivers.

Tuesday, 9th May, 2017.

Lynton Johnson will be coming to give us a talk on antiques.  Lynton will be best known to many for his culinary skills, but in this talk he will be sharing with us his expertise in a different area.

Saturday 22nd July, 2017.

If you haven’t visited Carrow Road Football Ground before, now is your chance.  A guided tour is being planned for our members. The cost will be around £10 a head and after the tour we intend to meet for a meal in Riverside. Further details will be sent to you in the near future.

Tuesday, 12th September, 2017.

Belonging & Belongings in the Land of the Iceni. Natasha Harlow of the University of Nottingham will be talking to us on the Roman site at Caister St. Edmund.  Natasha comes from the Norwich area and worked at Dragon Hall and for HEART. She is now completing her doctorate on the information from small finds at Caister.

Tuesday, 14th November, 2017. 

Jason Raper will be talking on ‘The History of the Theatre Royal’.  The theatre has a long and lively history, having already celebrated its 250th birthday, and this will give us a chance to find out more about a Norwich institution.

Unless stated otherwise, all of the Society’s meetings will be held at 7.30 p.m. at Alpington & Yelverton Village Hall, Church Road, Alpington NR14 7NU.       Guests £3.00/Refreshments served.

We hope to see as many of you, and friends, as possible over the coming year.

Unless stated otherwise, all of the Society’s meetings will be held at 7.30 p.m. at Alpington & Yelverton Village Hall, Church Road, Alpington NR14 7NU.       Guests £3.00/Refreshments served.

We hope to see as many of you, and friends, as possible over the coming year.


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