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January 25 MARDLE & AGM’s Fashions in your lifetime

 WEDNESDAY 30 March (please note change of day/week pattern) Joint meeting with the Bergh Apton History Group in Bergh Apton village hall @ 7.30 pm Matt Champion talking to us about MEDIEVAL GRAFFITI IN NORWICH CATHEDRAL

Tuesday 24 May ROYAL LONDON Royal influence on London’s architectural development through the ages Peter Lawrence July Walk around Norwich city wall

Tuesday 27 September THE OLD COURT YARDS OF NORWICH with Frances & Michael Holmes of the Norwich Heritage Society

Tuesday 22 November THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY 3 stories of people who have made a difference to Gt Yarmouth Heritage Guide Jan Edwards Alpington & Yelverton Village Hall Church Road, Alpington NR14 7NU 7.30 pm Guests £3.00

The Alpington & Yelverton Local History Society.


Dear Member,

We very much look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, 25th January, at the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. for our first get together of 2022. The initial part of the evening will be given over to our Annual General Meeting and I set out the Agenda below for your information. (I shall be sending you further Agenda information separately.)

At the conclusion of the AGM, which we intend to be a brief affair, we shall take a break for refreshments with nibbles, tea, coffee or wine.  The remainder of the meeting will be a mardle on the subject of ‘Fashions in Your Lifetime’. The major subject will relate to the clothes we wore, possibly with photographs for those brave enough to bring them. However, there could perhaps be a conversational drift towards other fashionable areas relating to cars, pop music, films, T.V., restaurant meals or any other relevant fashion of those days gone by.

The meeting will also present us with an opportunity to pay our annual membership fee of £10 to the Treasurer, Jenny Hall, who has arranged another programme of speakers and events for the year ahead, as outlined in the last Newsletter.

Farewell for now. Hope to see you next Tuesday.


                                      Annual General Meeting.

                Tuesday, 25th January, 2022 ~ 7.30.p.m. at the Village Hall.

                                  (Prior to the Mardle Evening.)


          1.       Welcome and apologies for absence.

          2.       Minutes from the previous A.G.M. held on Tuesday, 14th January, 2020.

          3.       Matters Arising.

          4.       Chairman’s Report.

          5.       Treasurer’s Report.

          6.       Election of Committee Members.

          7.       Future Activities.

          8.       Any Other Business.

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