The Alpington and Yelverton History Society

AYHSoc cover page

We are now holding members meetings in March, May, July, September & November, and March will now become ” The Mardle “, guests will be charged as usual at £3, and will be reviewed at the next AGM in March/Spring.

Annual membership fee is increasing from £9 to £10.

Next meetings will be….

Tuesday 27 September 2022 at 7-30pm  ” The Old Courts of Norwich ” with Frances & Michael Holmes of the Norwich Heritage Society.

Tuesday 22nd November 2022 at 7-30pm, The Good, Bad and the Ugly. 3 stories of people who have made a difference to Gt. Yarmouth, told to us by Jan Edwards.

Past presentations have included ……………………

Harry Jordan  In Memory of the local lads who died in the Great War

   Chris Elliis.pngIncumbents of St. Marys Church from 1314 to the present day (with some surprises ).

Gregory 6aThe Russion Immigrant who emigrated from Czarist Russia to Australia, fought for Australia in WW1, badly wounded and blinded, found love in London and made his home in Alpington, and his descendants who still live in the area.

CompositeOur members are actively collecting information and photographs, they are compiling stories of village life, hopefully to be published before the turn of the 21st century for inclusion in ” The book of Alpington & Yelverton,” ………………………………why not be part of it.


VISITS – Strangers Hall.  Beccles Museum. North Walsham & Dilham Canal.

                The Norfolk Record Office.  Wymondham Museum.  Walk round alpington & Yelverton with an Historian.

TALKS & PRESENTATION – Changing Farm Practices. Clay Pipes. The History of Parish Churches. Local Footpaths.

                                                      Bergh Apton’s Local History. Stones,Quarries & Masons. The Salthouse Project. Yelverton Church & Cedar House.

                                                      Archive Films. Place Names in East Anglia. Metal Detecting. Archaeology. Bletchly Park in WW11,

                                                       Panhard et Levassor Vintage Car. Norwich Shawls. Social History of Gardens. Medieval Churches of Norwich.

WINTER “MARDLE EVENINGS at the PUB.. – The Kitchen of Yesteryear. History of the Wheel of Fortune. Memories of WW11.

                                                                                       History of Cherrywood.


We propose to record Church Meadow from a time when it was just a field to the present day. It is important to record History as it happens and while people are still alive to share memories as well as tangible evidence such as photos. Members are urged to ask friends and acquaintances who live or who have lived in Church Meadow to start thinking about the early days and to write down anything that might help us build a complete picture. We will be circulating a ‘prompt sheet’ to all houses in Church Meadow, Priory Close and St Mary’s and inviting all residents to this meeting where wine and nibbles will be provided.

Roll of Honour-.jpg


We have researched all the young casualties listed on the memorial inside the Church and their family details.

The Book of Remembrance can be seen under the memorial.

At the 100th anniversary of the war the Roll of Honour was updated with the missing soldier Private William J Burrows, North Staffordshire Regiment . As he died on August 1st, 1920  aged 21 he was not on the original board.

Burrows William J.jpg

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3 responses to “The Alpington and Yelverton History Society

  1. Julia&Keld

    As part of our research of Russian emigration to the UK we are trying to find out more about Gregory Matrenin and his burial place. We hope somebody will get in touch with us. Thank you in advance,


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